Guess What?

Well it has been a long time since my last post and many things have been happening since then. I’m looking forward to mixing up a storm once again and hope you are ready. Subscribers, expect a MailChimp confirmation soon to make sure your are on the SLDJ VIP list. [Peace] Cybster DJ

Peter Greenstone’s Seminar talk as podcast

This is an audio tutorial covering streaming, software, hardware and concepts for performing in Second Life. Peter did it again! Here is PG’s(Melvin Took in SL) talk from SL Musician seminar for those of you musician friends that were unable to attend. He is both detailed and concise and provides audio examples. You will be […]

Internet Radio To Have Global License

According to Reuters, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) has come up with a single license agreement that Internet radio broadcasters can sign to gain the right to broadcast music around the world. Previously, online radio broadcasters, or Webcasters, had to secure approval from an alphabet soup of national collection agencies. Broadcasting a […]

DJ’s, Add your profile here

By adding your profile here, potential client check you out and may hire you at their event or venue.

Band to release CD and host release party inside of Second Life

It’s a CD release party without the spilled wine, bouncers and paparazzi. The Sarah Mac band is releasing a CD and hosting their release party inside the virtual Second Life world. The event will happen at 3PM PST on Saturday December 2nd on “Muse Isle” a virtual island made for live music performances.

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