Peter Greenstone’s Seminar talk as podcast

This is an audio tutorial covering streaming, software, hardware and concepts for performing in Second Life.

Peter did it again! Here is PG’s(Melvin Took in SL) talk from SL Musician seminar for those of you musician friends that were unable to attend. He is both detailed and concise and provides audio examples. You will be happy you listened.

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“Streaming” Licence for Australians

When an Avatar hears your music mix at a venue in Second Life, they are actually just listening to your personal Internet Radio station. The SL Viewer software is simply acting as an Internet Radio (stream) player. If the person knows your unique station URL they can listen directly in most music software. Music players that will work are RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Apple iTunes, Musicmatch Jukebox etc.

Now that you understand you a running an internet radio station, you need to be aware of music licencing obligations. In Australia, we are referred to as “Narrowcasters”. Narrowcast services are broadcasting services whose reception is limited by some means (eg they have a limited appeal, they target special interest groups, or they are only able to be received in a limited location or for a limited period of time). Some narrowcast services can be received on standard radio sets; others require special receiving equipment. These services are generally funded by advertising or subscription fees.

More licence information can be found at the APRA website.

Internet Radio To Have Global License

According to Reuters, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) has come up with a single license agreement that Internet radio broadcasters can sign to gain the right to broadcast music around the world.
Previously, online radio broadcasters, or Webcasters, had to secure approval from an alphabet soup of national collection agencies.

Broadcasting a single song online to European listeners across the continent, for example, would require a Webcaster to obtain dozens of licensing contracts. . . .

Rechardt added that while the approval process has been streamlined, the old fee structure is still intact. Webcasters will still have to pay a national body a fee for songs broadcast into each individual country.

While the license has yet to be finalized, it promises to be a good private solution to the morass of global copyright law. Read the article here.

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