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Windows PC Setup – Basic

This is a basic Windows PC Setup. The minimum for DJing in SL.

Please note, this topic does not go into configuring or using this system.

  1. 1. Music Player (iTunes/Winamp/Windows Media Player/PC DJ/Virtual DJ/etc.)
  2. 2. Microphone (Mic jack is ok as long as you get enough gain with minimum noise)
  3. 3. DSL/Cable Broadband Account
  4. 4. Uplink Software (SimpleCast) Download the demo
    Spacial Audio Solutions - SimpleCast
  5. 5. A Streaming Server Account.
    A 100 Slot account is $L4000 per month… about $15USD. Very good value.
  6. 6. A ton of songs in all genres.
  7. 7. DJing in Second Life is actually Internet Radio technology and therefore is subject to music licencing laws.

    If your streaming server is based in the USA, register with ASCAP by completing the new media license. There is a rate calculator on their website to determine fees.

    The ASCAP contract permits you to broadcast the music written and played by ASCAP members. Only legally obtained music you own may be broadcast.

    Not all songwriters belong to ASCAP. Search the ASCAP library to ensure that an artist you play is a member of that library.

    To play a song on the radio that you obtained from a CD, you need the writer’s permission and the publisher’s permission. Permission from the Publisher comes from SESAC. So those are two separate licenses you have to pay for, every year, to run your radio station.

DISCLAIMER: This is information only, may or may not be correct for your situation and is not legal advice. Consult your Legal Practitioner for advice regarding your situation.

Band to release CD and host release party inside of Second Life

It’s a CD release party without the spilled wine, bouncers and paparazzi. The Sarah Mac band is releasing a CD and hosting their release party inside the virtual Second Life world. The event will happen at 3PM PST on Saturday December 2nd on “Muse Isle” a virtual island made for live music performances.
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Hello world!

Second Life DJ is a video tutorial podcast giving you the information you need to set yourself up as a DJ for hire in the virtual world Second Life

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